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Sheet Metal & HVAC Trades

About The Job

Sheet metal workers possess a diverse range of skills that extend beyond metalwork. In addition to their expertise in working with various metals, they are adept at CAD designing and coordinating projects. They are also skilled in performing maintenance tasks.

Their welding capabilities encompass a wide spectrum, from stainless TIG and MIG welding to black iron MIG and stick welding. Sheet metal workers are proficient in handling an array of projects, including but not limited to kitchen equipment and bag houses, schools and water treatment plants, siding and decking installations, coolers and paint booths, as well as the construction of tanks and catwalks.

Moreover, they provide residential services, catering to the needs of homes and various types of refrigeration units. Their versatility and proficiency make them indispensable in a multitude of applications.


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Sheet Metal Workers Local #33

Most people when they hear HVAC, they think of heating & cooling, we do that BUT we do so much more!!

Sheet Metal Workers do welding: MIG, TIG, and STICK. We don’t just stick metal together we also finish it to food grade quality. All of our members have the opportunity to become American Welding Society Certified.

Specialty Fabrication: We will teach you how to correctly measure and fabricate from raw metal, finished products that you will go out and install in plants, offices, etc.

Architectural: We will train you on metal roofs, ornamental structures, gutters, siding, and on all materials: copper, zinc, aluminum.