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Laborer Trades

About The Job

Construction Craft Laborers are generalized professionals who assist in a variety of different tasks on a construction site. They need good manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination and basic problem-solving and math skills. Employers want workers who are hard-working, reliable, and capable of being a solid member of a team.

Laborers work in many sectors of construction including heavy civil and highway construction with many different types of jobs such as clearing and preparing highway work zones and rights of way, temporary traffic, installing sewer, water and storm drain pipes, placing concrete and asphalt as well as grade checking (surveying of construction sites).  Laborers also work in oil and gas industry doing many types of jobs such as maintenance, new pipeline construction, coating and insulation of pipe to name a few.  The other sector that Laborers work in is the building trades, which is building new or remodeling buildings such as schools, airports, warehouses, public buildings, and many other types of projects.

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Apprenticeship Training

Ohio Laborers’ Apprenticeship

Training for the Ohio Laborers’ is centralized at one location in Ohio. Applications can be completed on-line at the Apprenticeship website.

Laborers’ must have common knowledge of all building trades work performed as they are often tenders and helpers of many other crafts. Laborers must similarly have a broad knowledge of all tools used on any job as well as all safety regulations. We often operate small power tools, work in demolition, and perform concrete placement.

We perform road work including pipe laying, asphalt, and utility work. We also perform masonry work including the tending of bricklayers and the mixing of mortar. Laborers’ are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and often work at extreme heights or below ground.

On the Job

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