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The boilermaker trade plays a vital role in the heavy industrial industry, relying on highly skilled craftsmen and women who specialize in the construction and maintenance of diverse pressure vessels. These vessels encompass a wide range, including coal-fired boilers in power generation plants, small boilers in educational institutions and healthcare facilities, blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces in the steel industry, pollution control equipment, and various other tanks and pressurized containment vessels utilized in different industrial sectors. Boilermakers also contribute their expertise to the oil refining industry, chemical plants, paper mills, and other manufacturing facilities.

Boilermakers undergo comprehensive training in specialized skills such as TIG and MIG welding, oxy-acetylene burning, arc-gouging, plasma-arc cutting, rigging, tank erection, fitting, blueprint reading, and other relevant proficiencies. They arrive at the worksite equipped with OSHA safety training, having undergone drug testing, and are fully prepared to meet the ever-evolving demands of the construction industry’s owners and contractors. Boilermakers are committed to delivering highly skilled labor in an era characterized by rapidly advancing technology.


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